A downloadable game for Windows

Top down 2d space game made in Unity for Byog 2020. 

your space ship is stuck in a bizarre maze like cave in space after a jump through a wormhole  gone wrong. you are trying to escape the cave by jumping through wormholes using jump fuel which is present some where in each cave.


use up arrow/ 'w' to thrust forward.

use down arrow/ 'S' to thrust back.

use left and right arrow keys or 'A' and 'D' keys to rotate

use 'tab' to see more of the cave.

you can only use your thrusters in 1 second bursts due to damage .Take care not to overheat your damaged thrusters because they stop working when overheated.

Key contributions:

  1. Code : TheGameLearner and vjs22334
  2. Visual Arts  : Prithvi
  3. Vfx : vjs22334
  4. Sound : TheGameLearner 

Feedback is appreciated

Release date Oct 31, 2020
Authorsvjs22334, TheGameLearner
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Bosca Ceoil, Unity, GIMP
Tags2D, byog2020, Space, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes


InertialVelocity.zip 30 MB

Install instructions

download and unzip the file. launch Inertial Velocity.exe to play the game.

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