This is a Prototype for a top down 2D space survival game. The main idea is to destroy enemies with their own weapons and pickup the stuff they drop to continue surviving. Currently there is one enemy type that fires homing missiles and drops fuel. the enemy ships can be destroyed by tricking their missiles into hitting them. you can find them using the  arrows on the edge of the screen when they are offscreen.

Planned features:

  1. more enemy types with different weapons :  laser beams, unguided projectiles etc,
  2.  more powerups/pickups : sheild, temporary speed boost, repair kit etc
  3.  increased player health.
  4. minimap.
  5. boss ships with mutiple weapon types.


  • PC : Left and right arrow keys to turn
  • mobile: touch and hold the left and  right halves of your screen to turn.

I'm mainly using this as a learning project for implementing 2d game mechanics. I would love some feed back on what improvements and new mechanics can be added.

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GenreSurvival, Action
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Space, Top-Down

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